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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Stone Village: Ukraine's Mystical Marvel Amidst Forest Boulders

Stonehenge is perhaps the world’s most recognizable prehistoric monument. There are a lot of legends and myths dedicated to its ancient megaliths. However, there is a similar natural wonder in Ukraine. This place is called Stone Village (Kamyane Selo). It is located on the territory of Zamyslovetske forestry, Zhytomyr Region. In fact, it is a pile of large boulders that somehow ended up right in the middle of the forest. From afar, these moss-covered granite blocks resemble village huts, and there are several legends about the origin of this mysterious landmark.
Footsteps of God
According to one of the legends, this site used to be a real village. One day, an old man came to the village and asked people for some water and food. The villagers were quite inhospitable and turned the beggar away.

The same situation took place in other courtyards – none of the locals was kind to the lonely traveler. Unfortunately for them, they never knew he was God disguised as an old man. Angered by the indifference of the locals, God cursed the village and turned the heartless people and their homes into stones.
Some boulders still have the so-called “footprints of God” on their surface. These hollowed-out “footsteps” are believed to have been left by God. It is said that if you touch these stones, your body will rejuvenate and your dreams will come true. By the way, the rainwater in those “footsteps” remains warm in any weather. Isn’t that a true miracle?
Mill in the forest
Another legend, which is less popular among tourists, says that demons were going to build a mill in the forest. They tried to make it in the dead of night. However, they did not manage to finish their mill before sunrise. The demons had only one stone remaining to be put in place when they heard a rooster’s crow, and the mill turned to stone and then fell apart.

What scientists say
Scientists still argue about the origin of this place. The official theory is that the boulders were brought and scattered by the last glacier moving from Scandinavia. Another official version is that the stones are the remains of ancient mountains that once existed in this area. Some historians claim that ancient druids used these enormous boulders as altars.
Nice outdoor vacation
The site is located in a dense forest. So, if you decide to visit this unique and even a little scary place you must put on comfortable shoes and clothes. Besides, be sure to take water, food and all the essentials with you. Remember that there are no supermarkets or cafes around Stone Village and there is no service in the area. But this is what makes this spot even more special.