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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Shopper's Paradise: Embark on a Vibrant Vietnam Tour for Unique Finds

Set off on a tour to Vietnam for shopping and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of authentic Eastern culture. The country is renowned for its craftsmanship in creating unique products from silk, ceramics, bamboo, and other artisanal materials. Discover an inexhaustible selection of goods capable of satisfying the most refined tastes. By purchasing items from local craftsmen, enjoy the art of trading and receive good discounts. Exciting shopping awaits you at local markets. In major cities, there are numerous shopping centers that are on par with their European counterparts in terms of assortment and quality of service.
Local markets
Immerse yourself in a shopping tour of Vietnam by exploring the local markets. Trade is an integral part of the culture in this region. Refusing to negotiate can be seen as disrespectful, as prices are initially set with the possibility of bargaining.

  • Ben Thanh Market is the largest in the country. Guests can find a wide range of counterfeit famous brands, gold jewelry, cosmetics, and food products. The market's workshops can quickly tailor clothes to the desired size.
  • Cho Dam Market offers a wide selection of goods at higher prices. Here you will find everything you need, from food to exclusive jewelry.
  • The Night Market opens at 6:00 PM and operates until midnight. It attracts tourists with its convenient location and a variety of goods from different categories.
  • Dong Xuan Market is the oldest in Hanoi. This three-story market offers a huge selection of products, and in the evening, its activity spills over onto the street next to the main building. The market hosts performances by local artists and exhibitions by artists.

Points of sale

Vietnamese stores offer a wide range of goods. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the best shopping places in the country.

  • For clothing, electronics, and jewelry, the best cities are Saigon and Hanoi.
  • Sapa sells local brand sports equipment. Pay attention to inexpensive bed linen, pillows, and hand-embroidered textiles.
The city of Hoi An is famous for its affordable tailoring shops. Order high-quality clothes that will be tailored in a short time. Just 5 hours from measurement to fitting.
Belts, bags, and wallets are easy to purchase in Vietnam. When it comes to leather goods, we recommend visiting factories.
Vietnam is known for its natural silk products. To buy silk goods, visit specialized stores located in silk factories.

Keep the receipts for all your purchases in Vietnam. This will simplify customs clearance when leaving the country.

Cosmetic Products

Pay attention to local cosmetics. The products are known for their quality and use of natural ingredients. Some popular products include:

  1. Cold-pressed coconut oil;
Aloe vera gel and snail extract;
Ointment for bruises or stretch marks based on scorpion or snake venom;

  4. Seaweed-based preparations;
  5. Acne-fighting product with turmeric root extract and activated charcoal.

Ceramics and Precious

A shopping tour to Vietnam provides an opportunity to purchase various items, including ceramics. One of the most famous types of Vietnamese ceramics is Bat Trang, which is produced in a village near Hanoi. The design of porcelain items is quite diverse.
Travelers can acquire beautiful high-quality gold items. Local vendors offer a wide selection of silver jewelry. Consider the assortment of ivory products as well as precious gemstones, including sapphires and emeralds. Pearl jewelry is particularly popular. It is best to purchase pearls in coastal cities where they are harvested. The best pearls are cultivated on Fukuo Island.
A shopping tour through Vietnam provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Eastern markets and acquire exclusive goods. Excellent quality, a variety of choices, and affordable prices make Vietnam an ideal shopping destination. To book a shopping tour to Vietnam, contact our travel agency. Our manager will contact you within 20-30 minutes. They will provide free consultation on all matters and offer hot shopping tours to Vietnam, as well as book hotel rooms or plane tickets for you.